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As I was doing the Beijinho Nails, I had the idea of doing this acc; after some tries, there it is.
With it will be possible to recolor in-game some of my nails that will be compatible with it. 

By now, it’s in the gloves category, but I may change it to another category or add an alternative version. 

It will have 123 color swatches in 3 versions, very glossy, glossy, and matte.
So, you can mix and match colors and versions as well, which brings many possibilities to any nails you wear with it.

By now, I have three compatible nails: Beijinho Nails; Vanilla Nails, which will be updated soon to be not only compatible with this acc but also to have all color swatches from Beijinho Nails (123, too); and new nails I’m working on (still nameless).

About the photos above, they have been taken in-game.

I’m very proud of it as I believe it’s a great idea and looks cool in-game.

 » Get the download link

Get the download link

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