Oydis’ Aspen Hair…

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Aspen Hair

I like to think I’m getting better at meshing hairs, if anything experience helps. For this one I created a new texture and went the extra mile to make sure that it blended well with other EA hairs color-wise.

overlays are categorized as » left nose ring « as you download them, but it can easily be changed to whatever you prefer because the texture doesn’t conflict with anything else

  • 2 base game compatible meshes + 2 texture overlays
  • female, teen to elder
  • hat compatible
  • poly count for highest LOD: basic ~20k  ||  +roses ~22k
  • color-tagged: hairs 24 EA + 12 extras  ||  ties 16  ||  roses 20 + white on the base mesh
  • LODs, maps, thumbnails
  • disallowed for random
  • more of #my cc

Download links under the cut – early access (public Feb 17, 2023)

Aspen Hair

.:PATREON:.  ||  .:SIMFILESHARE:. (public feb 17, 2023)

Get the download link

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