pictureamoebae’s FUZZY LOFT RUG…

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FUZZY LOFT RUG in 2 palettes by amoebae

Why did I wait so long to recolour this rug? Who knows?

Actually I know. Recolouring the Comfortably Plush rug years ago was a pain in the bum because the way I recolour didn’t mesh well with how Maxis had done the soft fluffy edges of the rug and I ended up having to hand paint all the fuzzy bits and I’m sure there was an easier way but I didn’t know what it was and the whole experience left me bitter, twisted, and scarred. I assumed this rug would be the same. I was wrong. This was quick and easy to do. So I did it.

Comes in both Image Spectra and Dream Pop, and requires the Industrial Loft kit. Enjoy!

TOU, requirements, and credits: Share and use as you wish, but please do so freely

Download link here

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