pictureamoebae’s LARGE ROUND GLASSES…

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LARGE ROUND GLASSES in 2 colour palettes by amoebae

Something a bit different from me today. I don’t often do CAS stuff, but I like having lots of glasses to choose from in lots of different colours, and I’m quite fond at the moment of big cartoonish glasses too.

I’ve recoloured the large, round glasses from Movie Hangout. They come in both Image Spectra and Dream Pop, and each has a clear option and a shades option.

You can use this glasses slider by Iconic to get the perfect placement for all glasses on all face shapes.

(Fun fact of the day: the Sims in the preview are Audrey Boomer and Billy Price, the very first Sims I ever made with the TS4 CAS demo before the game was released!)

TOU, requirements, and credits: Share and use as you wish, but please do so

Download link here

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