pictureamoebae’s ON TRACK INDUSTRIAL…

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ON TRACK INDUSTRIAL LIGHTS in 2 palettes by amoebae

These are my favourite ceiling lights, they’re just so cool. Again we find ourselves asking why on earth it took this long to recolour them.

They come in Image Spectra and Dream Pop, in all 3 lengths.

Thing about this light is it doesn’t illuminate from above, so the colours always look dark. It’s fine in this shot above because the sun was shining directly on it, but in any other lighting, and at night, so so dark. A handy thing I found was to take the small saucer ceiling light, size it down once with the bracket key, and hide it in the ceiling fastening for this light. You can adjust both lights to suit (so the room doesn’t get too bright), and it helps illuminate the industrial light so you can see those lovely colours!

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Download link here

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