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BACK TO BASICS ♡ a makeup set by peachyfaerie

hey everyone! today i decided to bring you a simpler makeup set that focuses on the basics! it has 8 items total and i hope you enjoy!

for all the items:

base game compatible

4 variations with 5 opacities each – 20 swatches total

teen – elder (freckles are all ages)

all genders

hq compatible

custom thumbnail

disallowed for random

item specifics:

alaina lipgloss: 30 swatches

astrid eyeliner: 20 swatches

cadence eyeliner: 20 swatches

kiera lipliner: 30 swatches

naevis eyeshadow: 9 swatches

taylor freckles: 25 swatches

valencia face sparkle: 15 swatches

veronica eyeliner: 20 swatches




if there are any issues, please let me know!

@maxismatchccworld @elainaasccfinds @plumbieccfinds @mmfinds @mmoutfitters @sssvitlanz

Download link here

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