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This new hair has been made with a mix of Franken-mesh and made from scratch mesh.
The bangs are specially made for this hair, but I’m considering reutilizing it or doing a new one but very similar.
I loved how it turned out and think it will be nice to have it in more hairstyles.

BEHIND THE NAME: This hair, believe it or not, has not been made thinking in Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday, but in the end, that’s all I can see on it. And because of it, I decided to choose this name.
In Brazil, Wednesday has been translated to “Wandinha”, so to make it a bit more familiar to me, I decided to name it how it is in the translated versions I saw as a kid. 🥰

Another coincidence is that yesterday rained too much, and the power was going off a lot, so I had to delay the release until today, a Wednesday. Besides this nice coincidence,

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