joliebean’s Heliantheas Super Bland Comic Eyes UpdateIt took more…

Helianthea’s Super Bland Comic Eyes Update

It took more time than I thought to update my most favourite eyes for the infants patch because I had to remake the packages from scratch since my non-defaults stopped working not only on babies, but also on toddlers and children. I’ve tested them in my game, everything seems working fine, but if you encounter any issues please let me know.

I’ve rearranged the swatches order for the non-defaults, because I think it’s easier to navigate the eyes tab when defaults come first, then everything else. If you use non-defaults, you’ll have to reapply the correct eye swatches for your sims manually. Sorry about that. I’ve also updated the black eye swatches by teanmoon, since it’s a recolour of SBCE and I use them too.

Make sure to delete the old files, they are obsolete!

There’s no sclera, the texture is the same, I didn’t change anything and i

Download link here

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