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And after almost a month since I posted this early wip post (the video of how it works is identical to how it works now), I finally finished my Nails Recolor Acc and did these wonderful stiletto nails to release them together.

I loved how everything turned out; the Quindim Nails itself is beautiful, but together with the Recolor Acc, it is flawless. It enhances it in a whole new level of customization, and I love to customize everything.🥰

The Nails Recolor Acc looks stunning with other nails too. I have a few compatible with this new accessory: Vanilla Nails (Updated) and Beijinho Nails. Other older nails will be compatibilized, and I plan to release future nails compatible with it too.

The accessory comes in two versions, one recoloring the middle and ring fingernails and the other the ring fingernails only.

BEHIND THE NAME: Quindim is a popular Brazilian baked dessert with Portuguese heritage.

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Get the download link

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