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This set comes with four items: two tops and two bottoms.

ABOUT THE SET: As the new EP comes with family-themed features, I started to play with pre-made Sims instead of the one I was playing with before. As usual, I did a makeover, added a skin overlay, some makeup, etc. I’m in a vibe of just modifying the Sims enough to be more of my style than the Maxis/EA, and I didn’t have any clothes that I fit for what was in my head, so I decided to do them.
And there it’s, a casual outfit inspired by Eliza and Bob Pancakes.

I loved how it turned out, and I’m considering doing a series with this idea of doing one outfit for all members of each pre-made family.
I don’t know if I will follow how they are on my game right now or how they are in new games.

I have already done some cc inspired by a pre-made Sim.

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Get the download link

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