christopher067’s BLISS / DRESShi sooo today I have for you a cute little dress…


hi ♡ sooo today I have for you a cute little dress that has just been collecting dust on my computer for a while now.. I have had this in my WIP folder for a bit and decided it was finally time for her to shine. This is a cute edit of the dress that I think came with My Wedding Stories, and I feel like someone had probably already made something like this by now buuut this is my version 🙂 It’s been a minute since I made some clothing so I maaaaay have gone a bit wild with the 1047298 swatches lol. I really enjoyed making this, so I hope you love it!! ☼

  • 47 Colors
  • Edited EA Mesh
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • HQ Mod Compatible

Enjoy! ♡


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Download link here

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