leaf-motif’s Feline Fiesta…

Feline Fiesta – Infants might be taking up most of the attention right now, but I found myself wishing for more pet options! These might be a little bit silly but honestly, I’m sick of the same old basic litter box and I bet you are too. This one cleans itself, but you can let everybody know that you’re a tidy person by staging this very fancy litter scoop right next to it. The litter mat also makes a great kitchen or bath rug, and I couldn’t stop myself from recreating one of my favorite plants from ACNH. Seven items total, and the non-functional items are base game compatible! Pet items require Cats & Dogs pack. 

✨You can search for these in the catalogue by typing “leafmotif” or “fiesta”

This set is in early access. It will release to the public on April 22! Check me out on patreon!

Download link here

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