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☀️ Solar Collection

Last month’s content was quite standard so I had to channel the exxtra somewhere. Everything here makes a statement, and that statement is “look!”

Here is my .:nude bottom:. if you want to use the bodysuits as full-body outfits instead of just tops.

Due to the accessories being very detailed, poly count for the highest LOD is 2.5k for the earrings and 3.6k for each of the armlets.

  • 7 new base game compatible items
  • female, teen to elder
  • clothes: 27 colors | accessories: 16 metal colors
  • LODs, maps, thumbnails, color-tagged
  • disallowed for random
  • more of #my cc

Accessory skirts are categorized as follows:

  • as » hat « – are compatible with everything except hats, the texture is mapped on the space for hats so there is no point changing the category
  • as » toenail « – are compatible with hats but incompatible with some tops/dresses, category doesn’t mean anything and can be changed to anything that’s more convenient

Download links under the cut – early access (public April 20th,

Get the download link

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