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SPELLBOUND ♡ face tattoos by peachyfaerie

hey everyone! i think it’s common knowledge that i loveee face tattoos (i’ve made a couple in the past!) but i decided to sit down and make a dedicated pack of face tattoos! these range from dainty to larger and have a variety of placements on the face. in the future i’d love to expand on some of these, such as doing the other angel numbers on the sides of the face, more birth years under the eyebrow, and/or more words on the cheeks or above the eyebrows!

base game compatible

57 swatches – 21 designs, most swatches come with the option to do it on the left, right, or both sides!

teen – elder

all genders

hq compatible

custom thumbnail

disallowed for random

note: these were made with composition 0 to be compatible with alpha skins, in rare cases they may interfere with makeup



PUBLIC RELEASE: 05/15/2023

if there are any issues, ple

Download link here

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