joliebean’s Karaoke Set by Joliebean & ImvikaiStep into the spotlight,…

Karaoke Set by Joliebean & Imvikai

Step into the spotlight, grab that microphone, and let your voice soar while wearing the enchanting Karaoke collection. Each garment is meticulously designed to make your sims feel like a downtown superstar every time they slip it on. Whether they are performing on stage, gathering with friends for a karaoke night, or simply seeking to infuse their everyday wardrobe with a touch of melodic magic, this collection has you covered. Embrace your inner diva, and together, let’s make every moment a standing ovation.

Download – Joliebean’s Part | Imvikai’s Part

~The details about my part are under the cut~

  • BGC
  • standalones
  • 7 items
  • not allowed for random
  • custom thumbnails
  • my TOU

Download link here

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