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the woodwind collection | greenllamas

The woodwind collection is a midcentury modern inspired build/buy set, featuring 12 new items for your sims to decorate their living rooms with! This has been sitting in my current projects folder for over a year, but she finally saw the light!

Download Details:

  • 12 Items:
  • Charming Chevron Flooring
  • Clarinette 2-Seater Couch
  • Clarinette 3-Seater Couch
  • Deformed Olive Tree Small
  • Deformed Olive Tree
  • First Quarter Console Table
  • Full Moon Coffee Table
  • Hungry Moon End Table
  • Hypnosis Vinyl
  • Third Quarter End Table
  • Wazowski Chair

All the items have a custom icon and you should be able to find all the items together by searching for “woodwind” in build mode.


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