pictureamoebae’s GREENHOUSE BUILD SET…

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GREENHOUSE BUILD SET in Image Spectra by amoebae

I used the slatted wall from the Greenhouse Haven kit in my last build and thought it could do with some more colours. Then I realised I should really do the windows and doors to match. And then I remembered the gable end. And the roof. And the plain wall.

So here they are! They all come in the Image Spectra palette. The windows and doors have separate catalogue entries for the different types of glazing: clear, lattice (shown in screenshot), and mesh. That leads to lots of package files, so I’ve merged them together.

The roof looks funky. I can never get them right. They’re always too bright. It looks fine from inside, but you might want to avoid the lighter colours if you’re planning on taking screenshots of the outside. Or don’t, I’m not the boss of you.


Download link here

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