I really liked the mesh of those glasses that came with the Grunge Kit, but like most EA glasses, they sit up too high in the face IMO. So I’ve recently made an edit for my personal gameplay, and today I’m sharing it (along with some additional versions).

Extra with my edits I’ve made another variation, which sits on the head. Thought these would fit well for summer. I also removed the silly emblems on the side, but since some of you actually liked those, I’ve decided to include versions which still keep them.

If you want the ingame glasses replaced, you can download the default replacement file (please choose only one version), though keep in mind that you actually need to own the kit for these.

Extra things you need to know:

  • Base game compatible.
  • 12 original colors available.
  • 4 different versions all over.
  • For fem + masc frames, teen

Download link here

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