trillyke’s All Trillyke shoes…

✨All Trillyke shoes till May 2023 ✨

I collected all the shoes I released over the years in a zip file! Some shoes have multiple versions (slider version, seperate male and female version) – it includes everything! If you’d rather pick and choose which ones to download, please check the original posts of each shoes as I also reuploaded the files there!

And the best thing about this big upload is that it is sorted in release order and together in the CAS catalogue!! So all my shoes are finally in order! Yaay!! Big thanks to @aharris00britney for the motivation and help!! ❤

PS. This is just a ‘cosmetic’ reupload, I didn’t change anything else, only the order of the shoes in CAS, so if you don’t mind that they are scattered around no need to redownload! ^^


Alernative download for separate files or zip: (Google Drive)

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