trillyke’s NANA Eye Make-Up…

🌹NANA Eye Make-Up Set 🌹

I am slowly getting familiar with creating make-up, and I chose my absolute favorite anime for the inspo, Nana! In every 2-3 years I have to rewatch the anime, because it is so goood, makes me very emotional every time!!
Anyway the set includes a dual tone sparkly eyeshadow, and eyeliner with drawn on lashes – which I was bit skeptic about, but I think they turned out to be pretty decent!! 🍓

  • custom thumbnail
  • 20 eyeshadows + 10 eyeliners
  • base game compatible
  • please read and respect my TOU
  • you can buy me a coffee on Ko-Fi if you want

➤ DOWNLOAD HERE (Patreon, Free)

Public release: 3rd July, 2023

✩ CC on previews: Hair #1 / Hair #2

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