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Fendace Collection feat. iwitys

Hey everyone, here is a collaboration with one of my closest friends since day one who I’ve featured the skins of many times on my page. She recently got into clothing and we got inspired to recreate some pieces we saw a while back. This collection comes with 2 bags by me and 3 outfits by @iwitys. We hope you will enjoy these pieces as much as we do 🤗

Download clothes by iwitys HERE 

You will get:

Fendace First Bag 

  • 3 Swatches
  • 2 Shoulder Placements ( L & R )
  • 2 Decor Versions

Fendace Sunshine Bag

  • 7 Swatches
  • 2 Hand Placements ( L & R )
  • 1 Decor Version ( 2 Parts )

Fendace Collection for Blender

  • Original HQ textures included
  • Please use this for renders

All LODs // Disabled for Random // Custom Thumbnail

Conversion // Do not recolor or convert without permission // Do not re-upload

RC: @cyrenights

Base Mesh Credit: Chicala


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Download link here

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