cuupid’s πŸ’˜ Soft Thigh…

Download link here

πŸ’˜ Soft Thigh Dev/Creator KitπŸ’˜

I am properly releasing my Soft Thigh kit, yay!

This kit includes:

  • Female Soft Thighs – Both & Singular (i.e. Left & Right)
  • Male Soft Thighs – Both & Singular (i.e. Left & Right)
  • Marvelous Designers Avatars – To model your garments on
  • 2 instructional videos – How to Auto Merge & Manually Merge the thighs to other bodies

Please keep in mind that this is a Dev/Creator Kit. It is for people who want to create and include the soft thigh look in their custom clothing. This kit is not game ready straight out of the box.

Big thank you to @ts4eve for allowing me to use the thighs from their EVE v9 body πŸ™‚

πŸ’˜Download the Soft Thighs v2 Dev Kit (free of course)πŸ’˜

Download link here

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