joliebean’s The Cruise Collection by Joliebean

The Cruise Collection by Joliebean

Embrace the sun-drenched season with the new Cruise Collection, where bold patterns and vibrant colors take center stage, allowing you to make a splash with your own unique style. From the beach to the poolside, this set will inspire confidence and ignite your inner fashionista. But it doesn’t stop at just the swimsuits; the collection features the perfect accessories to complete your beach-ready ensemble. Step onto the beach with confidence, radiating an aura of boldness and sophistication. With the eye catching patterns, bright colors, and stylish accessories, you’ll be the epitome of summer style, capturing attention wherever you go.

  • BGC
  • standalones
  • 10 items + 1 bonus item
  • not allowed for random
  • custom thumbnails
  • my TOU

Patterns Palette

Free Bonus Item – Wiki Tiki Dress!

It is a remake of my old Wiki Tiki Dress from 2019. If you have it, I strongly suggest you to remove it, but they don’t conflict with each other.

Download Wiki Tiki Dress and the whole collection on my Patreon

Download link here

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