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PUT A LID ON IT concrete ceiling and floor by amoebae

A couple of years ago I made a ceiling replacer to banish those cold, stark white ceilings from the game. Now we can paint ceilings using floor textures I decided to turn those replacer textures into floors and ceilings so you can choose between them on the fly.

I’ve split them into two packages. For some reason floor textures get larger and more blurry when applied to the ceiling, so to preserve the same look as my original ceiling replacer I had to create a separate package with different diffuse uv values. You can of course use either version on both ceiling and floor, whichever you think looks best. They’re labelled in the catalogue so you know which I think should be used where. They show up in the Masonry section of flooring.

It contains the same 8 concrete colours as my original replacer, plus one more. Shown in this shot on both ceiling and floor is ‘warm concrete 02’.

You can continue to use one of my ceiling replacers alongside this, so all ceilings in every lot you visit will use it. You can only have one replacer active at a time. Head over to the original post to choose between them and see the swatches.


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Download link here

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