beto-ae0’s – Servant…

Download link here


Names that have an “X” at the end are compatible with “Undressable” from WickedWhims

For this to work always remember to download the V1 and V2 of the outfit

Everything is in early access, will be free on September 15


Gentleman – Set V3 (Explicit) X

– Venus Remake – Set V2 (Explicit) X

– Wild – Lingerie V2 (Explicit) X

– Seductive – Lingerie V2 (Explicit) X

– Servant Remake – Set V2 (Explicit) X


Conversions to Accessories – Part 1

– Gentleman – Set V2 X

– Gentleman – Set V1 X

– Venus Remake – V1 X

– Wild – Lingerie V1 X

– Seductive – Lingerie V1 X

– Servant Remake – Set V1 X

Download link here

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