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Hiii ♡ So today I have for you a suuuuper cute set of necklaces that truly are the essence of bad bitch energy. This is a set of layered necklaces + each strand comes as its own standalone necklace! I love how this set turned out!! I have been wanting to make some more lavish jewelry lately and this was the perfect thing to kick it off! I also have seen some comments floating around from people saying they wished my jewelry had morphs again so this set has both a version with morphs and a version without! 🙂 I really had fun making this set and plan to do more things like this in the future!! I hope you love it!! ☼

Each Necklace

  • 21 Metal Tones
  • New Mesh by Me
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • HQ Mod Compatible

DOWNLOAD (Patreon Early Acces until – 9/9/23)

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Download link here

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