joliebean’s The Recess Collection by Joliebean

The Recess Collection by Joliebean

Get ready to rule the school in style with The Recess Collection, where academia meets preppy sophistication to create the perfect wardrobe for your sims. This collection is your ticket to becoming the ultimate fashionista, commanding the hallways with your trendsetting looks and undeniable charisma.

bonus free itemGirl Boss Blouse is making a comeback in this collection, updated with the new textures + fixed texture overlapping with nails. Don’t forget to grab it in the Patreon link below!

  • BGC
  • standalones
  • 11 items
  • Teacher’s Pet Cardigan comes with a bows overlay
  • not allowed for random
  • custom thumbnails
  • my TOU

Download – Patreon (Public Release – September, 30)

Download link here

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