Old Hairstyles Dump

📑 Old Hairstyles Dump

A collection of my old hairstyles. I’m currently in the process of updating and retiring my older CC and actually I thought to move all hairs to the retired archive, but then some of them seem to be pretty decent to stay, so here they are. Some hairs are absent from this post, I don’t like them at all and I will upload them later in one big retired CC post.

In general, I just changed the thumbnails and CAS catalog order, so they will be grouped together in the game. I also re-did some or all swatches on some hairs. Some of them are missing their hatchops, but I have 0 willing to do something related to hairs CC right now.

I have included thumbnails for every package, so you can pick what you want to install. In case you have the older version of some hair – you have to replace the old file with a new one.

Also, thanks & credit to marsosims for their hair gradients.

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